7. Chapter 7 – Award of Contracts and Issuance of Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements

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K-Pop Corner: BigBang renew their contracts

It is projected that by there will be insufficient capacity on site to meet the demands of pupils transferring from partner primary schools. Therefore, it is proposed to extend the current buildings footprint to meet demand and address suitability and condition needs at the site. The Council is committed to supporting local firms and creating jobs for local people. During the proposed works the Principal Contractor will use local suppliers, where possible, for materials and products.

Contractors will be encouraged to employ local workers and offer work experience to unemployed young people. The contractor and Council will work together with the school to support learning opportunities throughout the build project.

K-pop boy band BIGBANG has renewed its contract with the current agency, YG Entertainment, ahead of the band’s new music release.

When will I get a copy of the new Collective Agreement? There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes between the vote and the receipt of newly printed contracts in the hands of workers. Until you receive the new agreement you can review the Ratification Kit online; all changes to the CA are contained in this kit. When will I see my retroactive pay increase?

As with any negotiations, bargaining with an employer is a process of give and take. YEU works from a position of no-concession bargaining, meaning we are not willing to give up anything in the contract in order to make changes or gains. For that reason the Bargaining Team must carefully select proposals they believe will have the greatest impact on the largest number of employees. If you submitted a proposal that did not result in a change to the contract please, submit it again next round.


The fate of 2NE1 contract been hanging precariously and quite some time now. The incident involved an investigation by Korean police after a package was sent to Park Bom containing 80 amphetamine tablets. Her first public appearance after this scandal would only come and the group performed at MAMA in Since then, she has mostly focused on dating solo debut in the US.

YG Entertainment says they will continue to support the veteran group. of prolific group BigBang have renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment. media a poster of the group, with “Coming Soon” and a release date.

The new banking service contract with CIBC will ensure continued banking services in communities around the territory that would otherwise not be served by commercial services, the government said Tuesday. Many community users will not need to change accounts nor institutions, as many services can be provided regardless of the institution. Business and government entities can expect the same level and type of service that currently exists.

We look forward to providing banking services to First Nations governments and local governments, businesses, community organizations and citizens. Minimizing disruption to communities and individuals is one of the main focal points for the transition, the government said. Globally, the CIBC — which has handled Yukon government services in the past — has 10 million personal banking, business, public sector and institutional clients. Up 3 Down 0. YukonMax: Of course it’s done by a bidding process.

CIBC to handle YG, community services

This also marks the first time the group penned their future with the company without former bandmate Seungri, who parted from the group and retired from the music industry following investigations of his alleged involvement in sex trafficking and prostitution along with other male K-pop idols in the infamous Burning Sun scandal. The originally five-member group now consists of G-Dragon leader, rapper , TOP rapper , Taeyang vocalist, dancer , and Daesung vocalist.

Their impact and longevity was proved once again today after they trended on social media, with more than , tweets discussing their cemented return to YG. Fans of Korean girl group Blackpink, also under YG Entertainment, have also expressed their discontentment with how they are being promoted by the company since their first comeback after “Kill This Love” in April has been continuously delayed.

She also claimed that trainees were banned from dating, and anyone on eight major agencies – including JYP, SM and YG – to reduce the.

In addition, the company operates a number of subsidiary ventures under a separate public traded company, YG PLUS, which includes a clothing line, a golf management agency, and a cosmetics brand. When they failed to attract popularity, Yang turned his focus to the duo Jinusean and in to the debut of 1TYM. Both were successful artists that Yang credits for bringing YG Entertainment and the hip hop genre into mainstream Korean music.

The label followed with releases from artists such as Perry, Swi. In , a second YG Family album was released. Among others, it featured the year-old G-Dragon , who was then a trainee.

‘I could have been a K-pop idol – but I’m glad I quit’

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and Yukon Teachers’ Association employees) and HR policies (for managers, casual, contract, student, confidential and emergency fire fighter employees).

Korean pop culture, consumed globally and known by the name Hallyu , primarily involves music, television and aesthetic preferences and is much more than a virally popular entertainment trend. The history of Korean pop music reaches back to the 19th century, when a Western missionary called Henry Appenzeller introduced British and US folk songs with the lyrics translated into Korean to the local population.

During the Japanese occupation —45 , patriotic songs were banned to prevent the common people from undermining the colonial power. In the post-war years, American pop music reached Korean ears through the US forces stationed in the newly freed South. One of the first success stories was a group called The Kim Sisters, which consisted of two sisters and a cousin. They performed in bars and clubs for US troops to earn extra money for their families.

In the past, heritage was expressed through language, but recent years have seen familiar folkloric details displayed in melodies, choreography and the visual elements of music videos, such as costumes e. Historical and cultural aesthetics are modernised to empower heritage in the eyes of globally-minded Korean youth. The standards for writing music, producing videos and performing dance numbers are high. Great demand allows companies to pick the best of competing professionals so as to shape multilayered and complex conceptual art and aesthetics.

The industry frequently cooperates with Western artists, drawing attention to East Asian music, while performers are under increasing pressure to perform in English to win over new audiences, which may cause them to sacrifice their unique cultural characteristics. K-pop, which is predominately performed in Korean, has created massive interest in the Korean language and culture worldwide—so much so that the South Korean government has established language institutes in 50 countries.

K-pop is a counterstrike against the incorrect image proliferated through US films that represent all East Asian people as shy, uncreative, dull, a- or hypersexual, geeks or ninjas. Moreover, the genre, which has cross-cultural appeal, has improved the image of East Asians born and raised in Western countries who have been previously socially marginalised.

YG Gŵyr accommodation improvement project

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PERFORMANCE BOND – Construction Contracts. (January ). (See instructions on page 3). DATE BOND EXECUTED (Must be same or later than date of.

A spotlight is on the murky world of K-Pop following a number of tragedies that have rocked the Korean music industry. South Korea’s hugely successful K-Pop industry has been churning out picture perfect boybands and polished pop princesses since the s. However, in recent years the world of carefully crafted images and catchy chart hits has been tarnished by heart-wrenching tragedy.

Earlier this week, K-Pop was sent into mourning once again after singer Sulli was found dead at home aged just Police have since suggested they are investigating the possibility she may have taken her own life. The tragedy came after Sulli, real name was Choi Jin-ri, retired from music, blaming online abuse, loneliness and exhaustion for her decision to walk away from a successful career.

In the first episode of her reality show Jinri Shore, she said: “I was under so much pressure. I often felt scared.

Bom Responds to YG Entertainment Denying She’s Apart of their label

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